Open races, collateral to European Masters Athletics Championships 2019 - 1° Nordik Whalking Challenge

Starting time
The race will start at 2pm from Parco del pescatore, Via Traghete, 28 – Caorle.

Weather conditions
Average minimum temperature: 17°C
Average maximum temperature: 21°C

Technical rules
Races will follow the rules established in the competition rules of Italian Athletic Federation (FIDAL) (click here to download the competition rules)

Bib number and race kit collection
Bib numbers (with timing chip) can be collected in person from 9 am on Saturday 7 September until 12 pm on Sunday 8 September at Palaexomar in Via Aldo Moro 21 – Caorle.

Race number assignment
Race numbers will be assigned in a progressive way depending on the entry date (who will sign upearlier will receive a lower bib number)

Several parking lots are available in the Palaexomar area.

Storage of bags with personal clothing
A free storage service will be provided for the bags containing the athletes' personal clothing at the Sports Hall in front of Palaexpomar.

At the Sports Hall, athletes will find changing rooms and toilets. Other toilets will be available along the course.

The timing of the race will be by FIDAL Servizi.
The detection device will be applied to the back of the bib number and the appropriate sensors will record the actual time that each athlete will take to complete the race.

Services along the course
Athletes will have one refreshment point with water and comfort items and one sponges point
To preserve the territory we ask you not to throw the bottles but to deposit them near the special containers.

First three men and women of each master category and of absolute category will be awarded with medals.

Services at the arrival point
After the finishing line, athletes will receive their medal. A little later the final refreshment will be arranged.

Medical assistance
An adequate medical service will guarantee athletes’ safety in case of physical issues.

10 Km Nordic Walking in Caorle
           - Start and finish in Parco del Pescatore in Caorle.
           - 10,00 km distance in a 1 km ring circuit to be repeated 10 times.
           Course: the Nordic Walking competition will be held in a mixed level ground both grassy and in soil with small gravel in a flat circuit Competitors will start and arrive in the heart of Parco del Pescatore, next to the stadium Giovanni Chiggiato.
In the competition area there will be all services necessary for competitions, including awards ceremonies.
The changing rooms, bag storage, bathrooms and showers will be in the near Palazzetto dello Sport.

Route Plan


Partecipating requirements
As established by FIDAL rules, can partecipate only athletes aged 18 or more and with one of these requirements;

• Athletes with membership card of a society affiliated with FIDAL for the year 2019.

• Athletes having RUNCARD (only people aged 20 or more) and with a valid competitive medical certificate specific for athletics, that should be sent together with a Runcard copy.

Athletes with memberdhip cards of sports promotion bodies (section Athletics) (only people aged 20 or more) that have a Runcard-EPS and a valid competitive medical certificate specific for athletics, that should be sent together with a Runcard copy

Athletes with a membership card of clubs affiliated with foreign Athletics Federations recognized by their national Olimpic Committee and with a valid competitive medical certificate specific for athletics.
When signing up, foreign athletes should give:

  • Copy of the membership card recognized by their national Olimpic Committee, or
  • self-certification of possession of the card recognized by their national Olimpic Committee an of a valid competitive medical certificate specific for athletics The self-certification will then, in any case, be signed in the original at the time the bib number is collected.

Registration fees
€ 25 for athletes enrolling within 30 June 2019
€ 30 for athletes enrolling between 1 and 31 July 2019
€ 35 for athletes enrolling between 1 and 25 August 2019

Registration methods
Registrations should be made through the specific online enrolling system; the payment for the registration fee will be done at the same time with credit card

Registration fee includes
• Bib number with timing chip
• Medical assistance
• Refreshment and sponges areas along the course
• Final refreshment point
• Changing rooms at starting and arrival points
• Bathrooms at starting and arrival points
• Showers at the arrival
• Race kit containing sponsors’ gadgets and information materials
• Timing and classification service